Violence is perfidious, for it is omnipresent in our society and is used in
many forms of media as a supposedly
appropriate means of settling
conflicts. It is important to constantly inspire and call for a critical and
probing attitude towards physical and psychological violence - for the
protection of our children. Addressing this issue, again in a communicative
and creative form, is the fundamental idea behind this creative contest.
An exemplary initiative that I am happy to support.

Ute Schmeiser

Schmeiser PR & Consulting



Many people are not aware of the incredible power the written or spoken
word can have. Words can be so powerful that they sometimes cause even
more harm than physical violence. Especially children are often at the mercy
of eloquent adults or bullies of their own age in this respect because they find
it very difficult to defend themselves. Whether at home, in the "anonymous"
internet or at school - carelessly uttered words often have a disastrous impact.
Such words leave deep emotional scars which, especially in children, can lead
to serious psychological problems or even to suicide. The written or spoken word
cannot be retracted. The Creative Contest is an effective way of increasing
society’s awareness of what kind of weapon carelessly uttered words are and
how destructive they can be.

Kerstin Nyst

Journalism Centre Germany
DPV German Press Association
bdfj Federal Association of specialist journalists