II. Short Films


1. Categories 

  • Amateur filmmakers (children, young people, adults)
  • Trainee filmmakers (including those still studying) and professional filmmakers

2. Genres 

  • Video short film
  • Mobile phone short film

3. Topics

Participants can select as many topics as they wish.

The topics outlined below are intended as a stimulus to engage the participant with the main idea of the contest, according to which the concept of “violence” encompasses both mental and physical violence.

II.1.  The young, innocent (incidental) hero
and /or

II.2.  Tension, but without violence

and /or

II.3. The influence of music on expression in film

and /or

II.4.  Captured and/or staged anti-violence scenes (e.g. among children and young people, in public places, on the streets, in schools and other places, in families and child rearing)

and /or

II.5.  The feeling of "violence"

and /or

II.6.a  Violence or a future
II.6.b  Violence – children and young people with no future

and /or

II.7.  Ideas against violence

and /or

II.8.  Harassment/bullying (e.g. in schools, among children and young people, in everyday life, in public, in child rearing)

and /or

II.9.  Violence against nature and solutions to it

and /or

II.10.  Feelings that express harmony and peace

and /or

II.11.  Conflict resolution involving humor

and /or

II.12.  A surprising turn of events

and /or

II.13.  A TV commercial (about 30 sec.), cinema trailer (up to 1 min.) based on the main theme of the contest, see also genre VIII. Advertising/PR

and /or

II.14.  Free topic
(For II.14. participants can submit work which addresses the main idea of violence prevention in a different way to those described above.)


4. Form

  • At least 1(one) video short film of up to a maximum 20 minutes
  • At least 2 (two) mobile phone short film of approx. 1.5 minutes each,
  • The film must not contain any canned music,
  • Entries to be submitted as MOV or MP4 (H264) files,
  • HD resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080) or SD resolution (16x9),
  • in a 50 MB file and an additional high-resolution file of 1 GB.zip for publication purposes,
  • In the event of winning a prize/a special recognition, the participant is to provide
    a high-resolution version of the submitted work on a data DVD (video-DVD) if requested.


5. Conditions of participation 

  • Submissions must be uploaded to the digital film database by participants,
  • Amateur filmmakers and "filmmakers in training" must describe the topic of the work,
  • An English translation must be provided for every work submitted with German spoken dialogue 
    (e.g. using undertitles) and vice-versa (in the event of an award/recognition, the translator will be included),
  • Participants must also complete a separate entry form in writing to enter the competition,
  • In the event of winning a prize/a special recognition, participants must provide a CV,
  • The organisers’ decision is final. There is no recourse to legal action.

Closing date for entries: 10 July 2013

We recommend uploading works to the database at least four days before the closing date
and mailing the written entry
form (PDF) in good time.