Welcome to 5. Internationaler KreativWettbewerb 2013

The 5th International Creative Contest 2013

Available genres

Photography - Short Films - Animated Films - Game Design -
Film Soundtracks/Sound Design - Dramaturgy - Painting/Drawing/Comic Art - 
Advertising/PR - Journalism

Central theme:  "Prevention of violence for the sake of children and young people"

Presentation of the Gingko Award

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Prizes and Awards Ceremony

Top entrants will be awarded valuable prizes, coverage in various media, broadcast of winning TV spots and cinema trailers, web page presentations, exhibitions, and much more...

Ginkgo Award

Valuable designer trophies await
the winners this year, too.

For the very first time, we will be presenting honorary awards.

Sponsors&Cooperation Partners

Well-known companies are donating valuable prizes again this year and contributing to the success of the contest by providing a wide range of services.

Our thanks also go to those who wish to remain anonymous.

Public Relations

Press release
TV spots and cinema trailers

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